Watch: How to drive asset value on your Net Zero journey

Written by Craig Needham
03 Jun 2024
Decarbonisation Real Estate

Achieving Net Zero is all about action, but too frequently we see Real Estate Asset Owners overlooking the key drivers of impact, and more importantly - value.

Simplifying the approach provides a different perspective, and one that demonstrates greater value to potential investors, even if you feel an asset is stranded.

Kevin McCullough (Board Chair) and Craig Needham (Director) have explained how simple changes in your approach to decarbonisation can create a tangible pathway to Net Zero, with immediate, in-year returns achieved along the way.

We also discuss:

  • Another major challenge facing organisations with large portfolios of assets, which detracts from their ability to create asset value
  • The role of reporting frameworks in the Net Zero journey, and how organisations are overlooking opportunities to accelerate delivery
  • What's needed to ensure an asset holds itself as a prime real estate location, for a much longer period

If you're looking for tailored insight on decarbonisation for your asset portfolio, and the actions you can take now to accelerate to Net Zero, contact Kevin McCullough or Craig Needham.

Craig Needham

Craig helps our clients to build their Net Zero journey and bring it to life.

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