The Net Zero Delivery Partner for Premium Real Estate Investors and Asset Owners

As your Net Zero Delivery Partner, we’ll work with you to design and deliver asset specific decarbonisation outcomes. We’ll help you shift the dial and think beyond glossy reports and frameworks, enabling you to create the material and sustainable value across your portfolio.

1. Understand your scope

Undertaking a carbon maturity assessment, to give you a firm data-driven fact base.

2. Create a plan

Discovering investment grade opportunities for transformational change, supported by engineering insight.

3. Bring it to life

Operationalise the strategy - delivering net zero carbon.

4. Measure your success

Validation and assurance of your transformational impact in carbon reduction.


Removing one million tonnes of CO2 by 2030

BFY Carbon Strategies is an impact business delivering profit with a purpose. We take an engineering-led approach to decarbonisation, merging actionable insights with our delivery expertise, to translate net zero ambitions into tangible results.

We’re holding ourselves accountable, with a mission to remove one million tonnes of CO2 by 2030. As your delivery partner, we're committed to achieving commercially viable net zero carbon outcomes, which can:

  • Materially improve your bottom line
  • Increase your Net Asset Value (NAV), and
  • Enhance your Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

We are BFY Carbon Strategies and we’re there for your journey.


Where there’s Carbon, there’s value

Net Zero is more than just compliance, it’s the world's biggest change programme - and Real Estate assets make up 40% of the needed reduction. When balancing regulatory demands, reporting requirements, and boardroom expectations, you need a premium operating partner at your disposal.

As a responsible investor, your Net Zero journey is about much more than simply ticking boxes, compliance, and avoiding stranding assets.

It’s about Opportunity and Value, and we firmly believe that where there’s Carbon, there’s value.


Kevin McCullough joins Carbon Strategies

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We’ll bring your ambitions to life. It’s not just a plan, it’s carbon reduction execution – all the way to net zero.

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